May 31, 2010

Qbo: Artificial Intelligence at Home


Another open-source platform is currently on the rise. The Corpora, is opening up its doors to robot enthusiasts and developers alike to make enhancements to their Qbo robot.

Qbo, is an artificial intelligent robot purposely built for home use. Initially, the creator (name not revealed yet) plans to develop a robot that functions like a pet. Something that's a source of inspiration. But what would inspire most a creator? Of course his creation.

Because of the flexibility of the algorithm, the creator, decided to add some more features.. (which are becoming endless).

(below is an excerpt from Qbo’s concept and design, The Corpora blog)

Some of Qbo’s “current” skills:

Stereoscopic vision: webcam calibration (2), depth, face, objects and colours recognition, face and object tracking, map generating (under development)

Speech Recognition System Speech Synthesis System: it offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems. Only available in English at the moment.

The Corpora’s API: Developed to interact with the hardware components of the robot and third parties’ software.

WEB control panel: the robot is accessible through web explorer.

Internet connection through a WIFI controller placed in the head. Real-time software and firmware update.

Obstacles: the robot avoids crashes and falls thanks to ultrasound sensors.

Autocharging: auto-charge battery (testing and developing phase)

You could just imagine, how Qbo will evolve into a more intelligent and specialized robot when it's finally opened to the public for more tweaking.

Click here to read more about Qbo, Artificial Intelligent Robot


  • Nhac Hot

    June 12, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks! :)

  • MovieMaker

    September 21, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    This is all very interesting. But, bottom line is, we need to know WHEN apprximately and HOW MUCH. How can we budget and save if we don’t know how much. Even ball park would help.
    over $15000
    Over $10000
    Over $5000
    Over $2000
    Over $1000
    Under $1000
    Under $800
    Under $500

    So forth and so on. I would like to get one,but I need to know. Will it be this year???

    The same thing happened to Hanson’s Zeno which became VaporWare.

    Oh, BTW, I did not vote. But, I like the apple green.


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