February 27

Care-O-bot 3 Software Platform on ROS.org


For more than ten years, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in Stuttgart as the partner for contract research which develop and optimize solutions for a wide range of different tasks in science and engineering, is working on the development of a mobile robot assistant Care-O-bot® that can able to assist and to make human’s life more accessible and most likely easier way to live in.

The meanwhile third generation of this successful development series is characterized by a product like system design and for the first time provides the potential to apply manipulating mobile service robots in everyday environments. By using industrial components approved in daily practice the dependability of the system can be ensured.

As an interactive butler Care-O-bot® 3 is firstly, it is able to move safely among humans and of course to the animals too like if you have pets in the house, secondly, could able to detect any necessary thing like metals and able to grasp typical household objects , and lastly, able to safely exchange them with humans.

And because of this, we could do anything what we wanted to do in life and enjoy the beauty of life with Care-O-bot®.

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