April 8

Tele-operated Android “Geminoid F”


Have you seen the first Geminoid robot (the HI-1) which was developed to look like its creator, Hiroshi Ishiguro?

Probably you were not that interested to learn more about that robot because he does not, well, looked very pleasing to the eyes. But the second creation of Mr Hiroshi Ishiguro will surely capture your senses.

The Geminoid F (F stands for female) is a better and prettier version of the HI-1. It is simpler in the sense that the creator only used 12 facial actuators compared to the previous 50+ more facial motors used in HI-1. It can demonstrate more natural facial expressions despite it's low cost and has lower degrees of freedom.

The Geminoid F is a robotic version of a woman in her twenties, and like Geminoid HI-1, it’s designed to copy a human as perfectly as possible. Also, all of the actuators and air servo valves and stuff fit into the Geminoid F’s torso, whereas the HI-1 required a big external box to get it to work.

Geminoid F is tele-operated android, meaning it is remote-controlled.

The developers plan to use this as an android which provides patients a sense of comfort and tranquility in application experiments at hospitals. In the other aspects, they hope to use it widely for exhibitions at science museums, etc.

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