January 30

Wall Climbing Robots Do More by Amir Shapiro


In the previous article, we featured a wall climbing robot that's able to climb up a freely configurable wall unassisted. But as I did further research on these types of robots, I've realized how new robots could climb on either a smooth or a rough wall surfaces without having to configure their paths.

I love robots and if you watch this video here, I believe you would love them more.

These wall climbing bio-inspired robots were developed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Beersheba, Israel, by the same engineers who brought us the web slinging spider robot.

Israeli roboticist Amir Shapiro, lead the development of these four wall climbing robots namely the

1. A magnetic robot capable of climbing on metal surfaces;

2. A snail-inspired robot that secrets hot melt glue to stick to walls;

3. A robot that has 3M sticky tape on its wheels and can climb on smooth surfaces like a whiteboard or glass;

4. A four-legged wall bot that uses claws made of fishing hooks to climb rough surfaces like a cat or rodent.

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