January 25

Japanese Fish Robots Teach Children About Marine Life


A marine biologist and ecologist came up with the idea of creating miniature marine life robots in order to broaden the learning of school children about sea life.

Japan is famous for its diverse selection of tropical fish. In fact they are the first ones to breed several kinds of aquarium fish like the carp to produce other carp species.

Now this love for fish has gone a notch higher. One of them is Prof. Masamichi Hayashi, who combined his love for the marine life with educating little children.

He created life-like robots that mimic the movements and sounds of some of the well-known and most dreaded sea creatures like the killer whale, the manta ray, the 5 feet turtoise and ¥2 million replica of the prehistoric coelacanth.

His creations were impressively made o recyclable materials from raincoats to windscreen wipers. His comprehensive knowledge in both robotics and marine creatures has produced realistic set of hand-crafted fish.

See this playful little killer whale out here, is actually a robot!

The whale is operated by a remote control and consists of a series of a network of internal servos and motors. Some of the larger 'fish-bots' are capable of opening and closing their mouths and eating artificial 'prey'.

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