Robot Fish Leads School


A robot fish leading a school of salmon? That's absurd!

There is nothing new to robot fish being let alone to swim in a pool or an ocean. But leading a school of fish is rather extraordinary.

We know that fishes are hard to catch and even harder to tame. But this robot fish developed at the NYU-Poly’s Dynamical Systems Laboratory, does the job seamlessly.

The researchers, headed by Professor Maurizio Porfiri, were able to determine that fishes decide to school or not based on visual signals as well as water conditions. If the conditions are favorable, they will school and choose a leader that's big and decisive, even if it's a robot!

So you decide. If you have this kind of fish, would you rather use the robot fish to fish for your dinner or use it for aid ecological concerns?

Watch this video, and you'll be amazed.

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