March 16

Kompaï – The First Generation Humanoid Robot


Kompaï, thanks to the ingenuity of the French company Robosoft, is a robot designed to assist dependent persons at home. This amazing robot can speak, understand what it is said to it, find its way all around the house and can even access all internet services with just a word.

With Kompaï’s current specs, it is really intended to assist dependent or handicapped persons in their daily lives. It has a recharging dock which it automatically heads back to when its batteries are running low. With speech as its primary means of communication with people, it is able to understand simple commands and gives a certain level of response. It also has additional touch screen that features simple icons and is permanently connected to the internet and all its associated services. It navigates within the house and knows how to get from one point to another, whether on demand or on its own initiative.

Future versions of Kompaï will be equipped with visual abilities, and also the possibility to understand and express emotions. And the addition of arms will allow it to do simple yet fundamental household tasks in everyday living which makes it more efficient.

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