March 10

Where Is The Future Of Robotics Heading?


Creating a humanoid robot has ever since captured the human imagination and will have a promising future in the world of robotics.

Humanoid robot was created by the engineers. Their visions are to create a robot that can easily move around and inside that house that means that they have to perfect the walking technology. There are two things that hinders engineers to creating a robot with a human or super-human IQ: vision and sensory information processing.

A humanoid robot that can distinguish voices and other sounds and identify the source of it, and can recognize its environment and can act in a safe way to him and to humans and can interpret the movement and position of the human hand.

The era of Robotics is upon us, Robots can now do those tasks everyone hates like vacuuming the carpets and floors to making us even a bigger "Couch Potato" were we don't even need to look for that elusive handheld remote control to change channels or adjust the volume.

These Humanoid robots surely will be in the market, affordable and capable enough, to help with simple tasks.

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