February 12

Kitchen Cleaning Robot, Readybot is a Major Domo


The newest development of Readybot Challenge is a robot that is capable of cleaning your kitchen. This robot has two human-sized arms. It can do many routines such as dumping leftovers in the trash can and loading dishwashers.

The developers of the robot said that the robot can perform up to 40% of daily household chores. The robot can do twice as many tasks. This is very good in cleaning your kitchen.

Readybot has antenna-like cameras, enamel box with wheels and two human-sized arms. You may see robot intact but, this can extend up to human height if this will be activated so can reach kitchen closets and surfaces. This robot has a number of custom tools that can be used for cleaning purposes. This robot cannot harm to anyone because this moves slowly.

There are still many improvements that needed to be done with this kitchen cleaning robot before this can fully help us in our household chores. But, there is no doubt that this robot is of a great help in the near future.

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